Spun: Frazey Ford – Obadiah


Are you currently searching for some music that is simultaneously refreshing and soothing? Well then look — and listen, of course — no further than the likes of Frazey Ford. As a child of the Kootenay Mountains and a founding member of the Be Good Tanyas, Miss Ford’s debut solo project Obadiah is certainly something to marvel at. Once you and your ears make contact with the soul-filled voice of Miss Ford, both her piercing peacefulness and the trembling emotional depth that she strikes, will haunt you long through the week.

From the opening single “Firecracker,” straight through to the rich twang of the banjo and lonesome ring of a harmonica which close “Mimi Song,” the album manages to achieve that rare melding between meaningfulness and melancholy. If this album is any indication of the potential of Frazey Ford, I feel safe to say that we can expect tremendous things from her in the future.

All-in-all, Obadiah is an essential album for those Sunday afternoons in which we relax, watch the sun set, pour a few drinks and revive old stories and old loves.

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