Spun: Scott Dunbar – Two Years to Live

>Check out the original story from the Gauntlet.

Scott Dunbar, a longtime professional busker and DIY recording artist, is in it for the soul of music and may just be the sort of fellow who could save us all. His Two Years To Live ­­— a double disc set encased in plaid-patterned cloth rather than your usual trashy polyurethane wrapper— contains the albums One Man Band and My Boy’s Gonna Play in the Big Leagues. ­It is near indescribable in its simplistic glory.

Listening to the opening track “Little Angel” makes one feel as though they’ve become enraptured by the ethereal arms of mother music. The song “Canadian National Anthem” tugs firmly on the strings of my memories of growing up in everyday Canada. It reaches its tenderest moments with the tunes “Frequency” and “Fine.” Honestly, neither myself nor my thesaurus can find enough adjectives with which to properly praise Dunbar.

All in all, Scott Dunbar’s Two Years To Live is gritty, honest and as beautiful as a decent boy from British Columbia transplanted in Montreal could possibly conjure.

..Remi Watts

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